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Birthday: July 4 Cancer

Bra & Thong 34D /Medium/ 6.5- shoes

Flowers: I  love all flowers especially

Oriental lilies, Gerbera, Daisies, Tulips,

Jewelry, RubiesDiamonds, Jade, Sterling Silver

Earrings, bracelets, Necklace, Ring

Gift Cards: Cucci, Chanel, Saks, Bath and Beyond, Victoria Secret, Amazon, Ulta, Visa, Olive Garden, Best Buy, Amco (appreciate all)

Chocolate: Milk and Dark Tache Artisan Chocolate, Chocolate covered cherries

Italian Pastry's: Cannoli, Cookies, Lobster tail, Rainbow Cookies

Perfume: Any Tom Ford Scent, Elizabeth Arden(RedDoor) Paloma Picasso, Chanel, Elisabeth Taylor, Jadore, Versace,

Arizona, ( Or I'll try something new)

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